How many times would all credit cards in the world stretch around the globe?
The first card digits of your credit card reveal what industry your card was intended for. 
Both VISA and MasterCard are associated with sports.⠀
A credit card comes in several colours, but the cards are all the same size and shape. ⠀
VISA and MasterCard have a peak capacity of around 56,000 transactions per second.⠀
Diners Club grew from 200 customers to more than 20,000 within a year.
The first general credit card in America was not made of plastic but of paper and had a limit of 300 USD.
MasterCard was launched in 1967 as MasterCharge and was formed by 4 banks out of California.⠀
They renamed it in 1979 to MasterCard and was the first card to use holograms.⠀
Your credit card can be validated through a checksum formula, called Luhn Algorithm.
By the end of September 2018, 8.5 million payment cards had been issued in Denmark to private individuals.

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