Subscription Models Blog Series Illustrations

Project Background

During my time at Reepay I had the pleasure to work on illustrating blog series about different Subscription models, that would educate and present cases on which model to use for your business. Had a tons of fun on coming up with concept ideas and metaphors for each of the models.


Concept Design, Illustration



surprise box model illustration

The Surprise Box Model Illustration

The Network Model Illustration

the simplifier model illustrations

The Simplifier Model Illustration

The Piece of Mind Model Illustration

the all you can eat model illustration

The All You Can Eat Model Illustration

the consumables model illustration

The Consumables Model Illustration

the private club model illustration

The Private Club Model Illustration

the first in the line model illustration

The Front of The Line Model Illustration

the membership website model illustration

The Membership Website Model Illustration

More Cases 👇

reepay site graphics
zero one numbers

Concept • Design • Development


product delivery illustration toms stals
zero two numbers

Concept • Design


selected logos case thumbnail
zero three numbers

Concept • Design